edward a. goytia - architecture

Director, Designer, Project Manager


All rights and copyrights to the majority of images displayed in the architecture section of this website including the completed projects, developed projects, studies & proposals, 3D images, sketches & renderings belong to the firms for which they were created and are provided here solely for the purposes of demonstrating the portfolio of work and project involvement of Edward A. Goytia. Except for various sketches, sketchbook drawings, the Columbarium for the Church of the Ascension, the Fractal Ornament and Form studies, and the photography sections of the site which were all created independently, the firms for which the projects were undertaken retain all rights to the images and such images are not to be reproduced without their consent.

As always, I am thankful to each of the firms for which I have had the opportunity to contribute to such a diverse range of project types and where I have had the privelege to work with such talented staff.